Rada Paring Knife

The Precision Paring Knife is perfect for fruit, vegetables and intricate food preparation.

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The Perfect Small Pairing Knife


  • Overall length 18cm with a 8cm blade for precise small cuts

  • High carbon stainless steel blade. Hand sharpened at the factory for a razor sharp edge

  • Hollow ground blade makes for easy resharpening

Comes in two handle options:

  • Black Non-Slip Resin (dishwasher safe).
  • Polished Aluminium (hand wash only).

    What we say..

    Rada is famous for their paring knives with this knife being one of their top selling lines - and for good reason.

    The thin, durable blades which Rada are famous for are perfectly suited to the tasks required of a paring knife such as peeling an apple, slicing fruit and cutting up smaller vegetables.

    The short blade makes control easy and precise cuts a breeze.

    We use paring knives so often during the day that we think having a couple floating around the kitchen is about right - making the combination of a Precision Paring Knife and Super Paring Knife perfect for the busy kitchen.

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