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Rada American Oak Knife Block Set

The Rada Oak Block Knife Set is the ultimate collection of Rada knives and utensils.

The knife block is made out of beautiful American Oak hardwood.

    1. $8 Parcel post within Australia
    2. All orders include parcel tracking
    3. Free delivery $150 and over
    1. Oak block dimensions 187 x 125 x 225mm.
    2. Oak block weight 1.8kg
    3. Total shipping weight ~3kg
    1. We ship to the following countries
    2. Australia
    3. New Zealand

Rada knives are available in two handle options.

The Ultimate Collection of Rada Knives


If you're in the market for a kitchen knife set which will equip you with all of the knives you will ever need then this is the perfect collection.

This knife set includes the following 6 knives:

Rada Chef Knife, Rada Serrated Bread Knife, Rada Kitchen Knife, Rada Carving Knife, Rada Boning & Filleting Knife and Rada Super Paring Knife.

Also included are the following 3 utensils and accessories:

Rada Carving Fork, Rada Vegetable Peeler and Quick Edge Knife Sharpener.


The American oak knife block fits this knife set perfectly and lets you place them safely right next to where you use them most. Unlike many knife blocks, it stores the knives horizontally to ensure they are not resting on the blades edge. This is a block that will last you a lifetime.

Rada knives come in two handle options. Traditional polished aluminium or a black non-slip resin. Both are extremely durable, hygienic and unlike any other knife on the market. The aluminium handle must only be hand-washed while the resin is suitable for the dishwasher.

Rada's knives are made in the USA from superior high-carbon stainless steel and sharpened by hand at the factory. The hollow ground blades make for extremely effective cutting as well as easy resharpening. All come with Rada's lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.


American Oak Knife Block Set

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