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We provide kitchenware which is perfect for the everyday cook and will help transform the time you spend preparing meals.


Our experience with Rada Knives goes back to 2003.

We were given a complete set of Rada Knives and an Oak Knife Block as a gift - I remember being taken back by not just the generosity of the gift but also the significance of it.

Similar to many who had recently purchased their first home (or just started renting) being able to afford an expensive knife (let alone a set..) was not going to happen - we just tolerated a dysfunctional collection of blunt supermarket knives and had no sharpener. A serrated knife was often the default knife.


The Rada Knives changed our meal preparation times permanently.

That original set of knives is still going strong and when we heard that there was the opportunity to take over the exclusive reseller rights for Australia and New Zealand we jumped at the chance.

We want you to love meal preparation and everything about Sharply is devoted to this.We are proudly the exclusive reseller of Rada Knives and Cutlery for Australia and New Zealand. Rada has been manufacturing knives since 1948. All their products are 100% American made – from raw materials to construction.

Anything which can help in the kitchen with meal preparation comes through in cooking better meals for your family, friends and also spending less time doing so.

And you should not have to spend a fortune achieving this. All of the products we sell are chosen to be functional, durable and great value for money – we do our very best to test all of the products we sell to ensure they should give many years of loyal service. This is also reflected in Rada’s lifetime manufacturing guarantee.

We are committed to working closely with Rada Cutlery in the US to ensure Australian customers are provided with the same quality of service US customers experience. We also have a strong relationship with the past distributor of Rada in Australia, ensuring continuity of service for their past Australian customers.

So happy shopping and don't hesitate to contact us for help or advice.


Regards - Cook Sharply


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