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Rada Boning & Filleting Knife

The Rada Boning and Filleting Knife is a long, thin and flexible blade perfect for carving and filleting close to the bone.

The thin razor sharp blade flexes to allow the user to quickly remove meat from fresh fish, chicken or leg roasts.

    1. $8 Parcel post within Australia
    2. All orders include parcel tracking
    3. Free delivery $150 and over
    1. Knife length 27.5cm
    2. Blade length 17cm
    3. Weight ~85g
    1. We ship to the following countries;
    2. Australia
    3. New Zealand

Rada knives are available in two handle options.

The Ideal Knife for Boning and Filleting


If you eat a lot of poultry or fish then this knife definitely worth considering.  The unique shape and properties of the blade suit these applications perfectly. It’s also handy for any sort of cutting tasks that may require a long thin blade such as a wide fillet of beef or filleting chicken breasts for schnitzels.

Rada knives come in two handle options. Traditional polished aluminium or a black non-slip resin. Both are extremely durable, hygienic and unlike any other knife on the market. The aluminium handle must only be hand-washed while the resin is suitable for the dishwasher.

The Rada Boning & Filleting knives are made in the USA from superior high-carbon stainless steel and sharpened by hand at the factory. The hollow ground blade makes for extremely effective cutting as well as easy resharpening.



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