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Ironwood Gourmet Large Rectangular Paddle Board

The Ironwood Gourmet Large Rectangular Paddle Board is a superb long Acacia wood serving board. Perfect for Tapas.

This board is sturdy while still being pleasantly light when held. The handle and long length make presenting food easy.

Make a selection of Tapas look perfect when friends or family are around or use it instead of a plate for your favourite burger.

    1. $8 Parcel post within Australia
    2. All orders include parcel tracking
    3. Free delivery $150 and over
    1. Dimensions 35 x 20 x 1.2cm
    2. Weight 0.6kg
    3. Made from Acacia Wood
    1. We ship to the following countries
    2. Australia
    3. New Zealand

The Perfect Companion When Serving On The Table Or Entertaining


This beautiful hand finished full grain paddle board is the perfect way of presenting food. All Ironwood Gourmet Cutting and Serving Boards are made using the magnificent Acacia wood tree commonly referred to as ‘The Rain Tree’, which has a unique look and feel

The full grain is warm and inviting and gives several beautiful long sections of the grain to be visually enjoyed. Acacia wood is famous for its beautiful looking colours and this board is no exception, with a lovely mix of chocolate and honey colours.

Ironwood Gourmet Acacia wood is farmed from sustainable plantations managed by local farmers and finished by hand in Thailand. Quality cutting boards should never be put in a dishwasher and should be washed in warm soapy water after use and dried immediately.

Includes a 6-month guarantee on workmanship supported by Cook Sharply.


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