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When looked after a quality hardwood cutting board will provide a lifetime of loyal service.



The performance of a wood cutting board can be significantly extended if they are treated with the respect that a natural product deserves and given some occasional extra attention.

Extremes of humidity and dryness can swell and shrink the wood enough to cause small seasonal cracks to appear, usually at the ends. The possibility of cracking, though remote, usually occurs when wood has been soaked or when it is moved from hot to cold surfaces quickly.


General Care

Hand wash in warm soapy water and towel dry afterwards. Rack drying is also acceptable.

Never soak wooden boards in water for an extended period.

Never put a wooden board through the dishwasher.

Do not store wooden boards on shelves or in cabinets near the oven or in direct sunlight. This may dry them out quickly and can warp or crack the wood.

Do not put wooden boards in the refrigerator. Wood does not like rapid changes in heat or humidity.

Do not wash your wooden boards with harsh detergents of any type.


Regular Upkeep

Since most hardwood boards are lacquer-free, the lustre of our woodware naturally fades as the oil permeates through the wood or is washed off. However, colour and lustre can be restored by reapplying a small amount of oil.

You don't have to oil a board before first using it. Just purchase some when you have the chance and then get into a routine.

We recommend using Liquid Paraffin Oil BP available from a pharmacy to oil the board.

Paraffin oil is inert and perfectly safe when used close to food which is to be consumed. It is very stable and will never go off. This makes it the safest choice for protecting a board that is used for food preparation.

Avoid using vegetable oils. They can go rancid over time resulting is a smelly board and you also risk giving an unaware person an allergic reaction depending on the oil used.

Oiling can be done as often as you like, but we recommend about once a month. Rub on generous amounts of the oil (warmed to room temperature) and allow it to soak into the board for a minute or two.

Then simply wipe off the excess oil and allow the remaining oil to be absorbed into the wood. Within 15 minutes the board will be usable.


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