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Clay cookware has been used for thousands of years, and even today professional bakeries often use brick-lined ovens to produce superior quality baked goods. Many professional cooks still use clay cookware to take advantage of the superior baking properties associated with clay cookware.

Rada’s Stoneware range allows you to enjoy these benefits but with the advantages of a modern construction method.

Their Clay Cookware is a lead-free, natural clay product which is sourced and made in the US. Each stoneware piece is unique and will have gentle shading and texture differences that will not affect its performance.

The heavy clay body absorbs heat, maintaining an even baking temperature throughout the dish eliminating hot spots and scorching that can occur when cooking with metal or glass bakeware. When roasting the need to turn over food to avoid burning is minimised.

The textured surface absorbs moisture from between stoneware and food giving perfect baked desserts and casseroles. The stoneware also retains heat much longer so that food remains hot long after leaving the oven.


General Usage and Care

To eliminate scratching your bench top surfaces, always placed the stoneware on a pad.

Do not use the stoneware on top of a direct heat source.

Do not put hot stoneware into water. Allow it to cool completely first.

Do not place any other pans on top of or in the stoneware to bake.

Do not add liquid to stoneware that has been heated.


First Use Preparation

Before the first use simply rinse the new stoneware in warm water and towel dry.


Baking with Clay Stoneware

When baking with stoneware, followed the recipe cooking procedures always. Only recipes with short cooking times of 15 minutes or less will require one or two additional minutes.

Stoneware can be used in both an oven and microwave. Items cooked using the microwave will not brown like in a regular oven.

Stoneware will become extremely hot when heated and will retain this heat far longer than other cookware. Always use a hot pad or glove when handling stoneware.

Unlike many other brands of clay cookware available today, Rada Stoneware is okay to take from the freezer to a preheated 200°C oven without risk of cracking the cookware.

Always place stoneware on the middle rack for even baking.



Always allow the stoneware to cool completely before attempting to clean.

Scrape the excess food from the bakeware using a scraper.

You may use your dishwasher to clean your Rada cookware. The cookware is produced by a proprietary process that makes it dishwasher safe.

You may also clean your stoneware manually using dishwashing soap and hot water. Rinse the stoneware thoroughly with hot water and towel dry.

Rada's Stoneware range will naturally shift in colour and incur some staining over years of usage. This will not affect the performance and is similar to what you would expect from other materials such as enamel or metallic bakeware.

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Three-year Rada Stoneware warranty

Rada will replace stoneware due to defects in material, construction or workmanship under normal and appropriate care. The warranty does not apply to accidental damage resulting from misuse, abuse or accidents.

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